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HI-Eisai Pharmaceutical, Inc. is a subsidiary of the Eisai Group which is present in Asia, US, Europe and recently in BRICS countries such as Brazil, Mexico and Russia, with over 10,000 employees globally.

In the Philippines, Eisai has partnered with the Yuchengco Group of Companies and has distinguished itself as a human health care company better known as HI-Eisai Pharmaceutical, Inc.

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HI-Eisai Pharmaceutical
Our Journey

The company was incorporated in July 1974 by then Mr. Alfonso T. Yuchengco of the Yuchengco Group of Companies and Mr. Yuji Naito, the former chairman of EISAI CO., LTD. To date, it is an international joint venture between House of Investments, Inc ( Phils.) and Eisai Co., Ltd. (Japan)


History of Eisai

Eisai's founder, Toyoji Naito, was born on August 15, 1889, in Ito, a poor village in the Nyu region of Fukui prefecture, central Japan. He used his own savings to found Sakuragaoka Laboratory Co., Ltd., with the aim of developing new inhouse drugs in Japan. By focusing on in-house R&D to create new medicines, the Company survived Japan's chaotic postwar period. In 1955, the company changed its name from Nihon Eisai Co., Ltd. to Eisai Co., Ltd., as it is known today.

By constantly raising the bar with each completed corporate vision, Eisai established itself as a sustainable mid-size pharmaceutical maker and built its head office building in Tokyo. In 1966, founder Toyoji Naito was appointed as chairman and Yuji Naito as company president. A three-tier representative director system is introduced: Chairman Toyoji Naito, President Yuji Naito, and Executive Vice President Tatsuo Naito.

Eisai expanded its presence in Asia as the first step towards internationalization and by the year 1974, HI-Eisai Pharmaceutical Inc. was established as a pharmaceutical sales subsidiary in the Philippines.

In the year 1990, Haruo Naito announced Eisai's “Commitment to Innovation” advocating pride in achieving business through improving the benefits of these stakeholders and challenged each individual employee to change the way they looked at their jobs, their lives, and the world with the message "The world is changing. Let us change along with it."

Up to this day, we remember Toyoji Naito’s determination and mission of creating innovative new drugs which continue to be passed down to Eisai employees. Eisai has now become a global R&D-based pharmaceutical company ranking among the top 20 in pharma worldwide.

Partnership with YGC following its successes in China and India in the early 2000s, the Eisai Group continues to expand onto the world stage with strategic entries in emerging countries. In the Philippines, HI-Eisai Pharmaceutical, Inc. is working in partnership with the Yuchengco Group of Companies, one of the largest and most diversified conglomerates in Southeast Asia that contribute to the improvement of quality of life and nation-building in the Philippines. HI-Eisai has set itself in the Philippines as the human health care company that markets high-quality and innovative pharmaceutical products. HI-Eisai imports pharmaceuticals from Japan and distributes them in the Philippine market through its established partners.

Eisai Philosophy

Eisai's corporate philosophy is summarized by the term hhc or human health care. Eisai is committed to giving first thought to patients and their families and to increase the benefits health care provides. Since 1996, this series of initiatives, which first began with 72 projects, has implemented over 500 diverse projects that continue to spread Eisai's founding philosophy of hhc worldwide.

Eisai’s corporate philosophy is understood and internalized by each employee within the group, both in Japan and overseas, including the Philippines. All Eisai employees are recommended to spend 1% of their working hours with patients. It is important for each employee to first get close to patients and see the situation from their perspectives in order to learn to empathize with thoughts and feelings that might not necessarily always be expressed in words. This understanding is shared and implemented in the daily business activities of all Eisai employees and serves to effectively transcend nationalities, national borders, and gender and age.


Message From the President

Jonnahs V. Singian

The well-being of patients and their families are at the center of our vision and mission at HI-Eisai. To ensure that we increase the benefits that healthcare provides, it is the responsibility of every member of the organization to listen and learn from patients. This is the foundation of our human health care philosophy.

It is our corporate responsibility to make meaningful contributions to the development of the health care system in the Philippines and to make sure that patients receive the best response to their needs. Our goal is to build a successful and sustainable business by driving innovation and providing high-quality healthcare solutions and services. We observe the highest legal and ethical standards in developing and implementing long-term sustainable strategies using partnership-based models to improve access of our medicines to the community.

Our core values are the foundation of our day-to-day operations. Every decision is made with integrity, consistently upholding strong principles in every situation. Each encounter is treated with respect, communicating with courtesy and empathy. Our services and products are patient-centric, putting our patients above all else in our business. Each of us takes accountability for our actions, taking ownership in our words and actions and ensuring we deliver quality work. We aim for excellence in our work, as we passionately strive to be outstanding in our service.

We celebrate our years of service to the patients and to the health care system, and look forward to more years ahead.

Jonnahs V. SingianPresident & General Manager

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Our Vision

To be a successful and sustainable business in the Philippines by driving...

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We give first thought to patients and their families, and to increasing the benefits...

Our Values

Our values are an integral part of our foundation. With every decision...