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Unit 2, 22nd Floor, Tower 6789, 6789
Ayala Avenue, Makati City 1226 Philippines

Corporate Objective

A human health care company capable of making a meaningful contribution under any healthcare system while observing the highest legal and ethical standards in its business activities.

Charter of Business Conduct

We give first thoughts to patients and their families. We strive to increase the benefits that healthcare provides them and we conduct our business to meet their diversified healthcare needs worldwide. As a human health care (“hhc”) company, we develop and provide products and services that contribute to the well-being of patients and their families under any healthcare system.

It is an integral part of our corporate mission that we exercise good business judgement and act in a proper manner, in compliance with all relevant laws and ethical standards. These principles are essential to the company's existence and are given top priority in all corporate activities. We hereby establish our Charter of Business Conduct as a statement of our commitment to compliance. Eisai’s officers, directors and managers recognise that it is their role to lead by example by implementing the content and spirit of this Charter in all the work they do and in supervising those who work with them. By adhering to this Charter, they will inspire and encourage everyone to apply these standards in all their activities.

Everyone is expected to abide by the content and spirit of this Charter.

Eisai and its stakeholders

  • We promote mutual respect and trust in our business relationships including healthcare providers, shareholders, investors, employees, business partners, patients and communities
  • We do not tolerate bribery or any other form of corrupt business behaviour
  • We compete fairly
  • We appropriately manage information and ensure our records are accurate, complete, fair and secure
  • We communicate with stakeholders, and appropriately disclose corporate information in a timely manner
  • We act in accordance with the principles of fairness, respect, and non-discrimination in the workplace and provide a safe work environment for our employees

Eisai and society

  • We comply with all relevant laws and regulations of each country in which we do business and we conduct ourselves with the highest level of integrity
  • We respect human rights and prevent, within the scope of our business, modern slavery such as child labour, forced labour and human trafficking, while we take into consideration the cultures and customs of the countries where we operate
  • We are a “good corporate citizen” and support and encourage activities that contribute to society
  • We maintain fair and transparent relations with political and government entities
  • We shall not enter into, or to the extent we become aware we shall sever, relations with organised crime groups
  • We promote best practices for environmental protection in our business activities