Our Company'shhcmission is to deliverhopeto patients.

Corporate philosophy of human health care (hhc)

We at HI-Eisai Pharmaceutical, Inc. dedicate our work to our corporate philosophy of hhc (human health care). We are committed to increasing benefits to patients and their families.

The human health care philosophy is influenced by the work of Florence Nightingale (1820-1910), one of the pioneers in healthcare and the founder of modern nursing, who dedicated her life to contributing to the development of public health and spreading medical knowledge with the patients’ best interests at heart.

The hhc Philosophy logo mark has been taken directly from the letters and style of Florence Nightingale’s signature.

Implementing hhc into Healthcare Programs

hhc programs are set in place so we at HI-Eisai, can do our part to improve the well-being of Filipinos nationwide.

What is hhc?
Knowledge creation

Our Journey with Patients

Brush for Freedom (BFF)

In partnership with the Child Neuroscience Center of Philippine Children Medical Center (PCMC)

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Memories Reimagined

HI-Eisai strives to improve the quality of life of patients with dementia by promoting awareness

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Hope 2gether, A Life Repurposed

September 24, 2019 - We partnered with National Kidney and Transplant Institute Oncology

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Brush for Freedom (BFF)

In partnership with the Child Neuroscience Center of Philippine Children Medical Center (PCMC), HI-Eisai implemented a way to better understand the situation of children with epilepsy as well as their parents and caregivers. There may be a lack of awareness of this condition in the community as patients look physically normal, but they experience hard-to-control seizures that impair their quality of life.

Brush for Freedom (BFF) was developed so we can continuously support the patients and their families in their journey to seizure freedom.

Engaging with Young Epilepsy Patients

To be able to interact with patients and their families, a fun and creative painting session for the children was set in place, “Paint Your Feelings, Dreams and Future”. The activity fostered creativity and self-esteem, and gave the children the opportunity to freely express their thoughts and feelings.

After the activity, the most artistic and expressive artwork was recognized and featured in HI-Eisai’s internal forum along with the child’s story. The paintings were also showcased in the seizure diary provided to our partner healthcare professionals to increase awareness and encourage proper management of epilepsy.

Encouraging Patients to Interact with Each Other

“Shake It Off” is a fun-filled activity where patients socialized with one another through games, dancing, and singing to celebrate their oneness in their journey to seizure freedom. Parents, caregivers, healthcare professionals, and HI-Eisai members also engaged through a simple fellowship.

Memories Reimagined

HI-Eisai strives to improve the quality of life of patients with dementia by promoting awareness and empowering patients. In line with this, Memories Re-imagined was conceptualized.

Memories Re-imagined is an activity among senior citizens where they were given the opportunity to reminisce and relive the past; a way to look back and recapture precious memories that may have brought meaning in their lives, as well as reflect on their younger selves and their achievements.

Reconnecting with the past and sharing of experiences helped the patients boost their self-esteem, giving them a feeling of importance and being valued.

The activities conducted include dementia screening (MMSE), Dementia Lecture to increase awareness, as well as a Photo Shoot Session where patients recreated a fond memory of an old photo of their choice. Reimagining and listening to the patients’ stories through the photos helped us understand and appreciate their journey, as each of us can relate to how memories shape and mold our lives.

Hope 2gether, A Life Repurposed

September 24, 2019 - We partnered with National Kidney and Transplant Institute Oncology Section to conduct a human health care, or hhc activity for breast cancer patients at its Chemotherapy Unit. To help the patients relax, reduce pain, and ease their anxiety, we invited the San Antonio Chorale to serenade the patients. During this time, HI-Eisai employees socialized with patients to help them prepare for the afternoon activities.

Our guest speaker, breast cancer survivor Ms. Mary Jemelle O. Aguilar, shared her journey on how she had won the battle against breast cancer. She shared her insights and actual experiences from the moment she was diagnosed and had to accept the situation, how her family came together to overcome her cancer journey, up to gradually getting back to her normal life.

Our next speaker was Ms.Frankie Say, an advocate in Repurposing. She taught the patients how to repurpose old clothes into something new by playing with fabrics and creativity. Through the workshop, the patients learned how to power dress, make fashion enhancements, and how to have a more positive outlook on life. The Repurposing activity has become meaningful to the patients, as well as HE employees. It reflects how we can perceive life as beautiful and magical in spite of life’s unexpected difficulties.

Throughout the hhc activity, we were able to deeply understand what cancer patients, their families, and caregivers are going through. We heard of stories like losing confidence because they had to shave their heads before their hair falls off and for some women, the decision to remove their breasts. These stories showed how devastating and depressing it is to accept the reality of the illness. Patients battling a disease such as cancer have the most incredible strengths embedded in their souls, especially when they choose to fight what seems to be a losing battle.

The Power of Prayer Patients value spirituality more during their battle against cancer. They pray for each other and consider themselves "classmates" during their chemotherapy sessions. Saying a little prayer means a lot to them, they feel that prayers from other people draw strength and give them the will to survive. Patients also put their faith and trust in their attending medical oncologists as well as in hospital staff in the belief that they are God’s instruments to their wellness.

Patient Program

A support system is crucial in every cancer journey as it helps patients decide to hope for the best and take a chance on their medical treatments. It takes a lot of mental strength to stay on treatment as patients often feel exhausted and weak. Yet, they continue to fight for their families and loved ones. Patient Support Groups inspire and encourage everyone going through the treatment, including the patients’ loved ones. It allows them to cheer and gain valuable insights from one another.

Patients also appreciate support programs from pharmaceutical companies to sustain their treatment. As a human health care company, we share in the emotional and financial struggles of cancer patients by offering programs to improve access to quality medicines and assist them in their financial struggles.

Patient Journal

Through Hope 2gether, A Life Repurposed activity, we realized that patients are interested to document their journey as a way to prepare themselves for the unknown, share their life’s crucial moments, and inspire others who are going through the same difficult journey. They want their story to continue and live on with their families. One of the ideas that we came up with is providing a “Patient Journal” that will serve as a written diary that may help the patients express their innermost thoughts and feelings.

During the hhc socialization activity, we also gained proper insights on how a “Patient Journal” can help patients and their families cope with the disease. Based on our consultation with our medical oncologists, this initiative will enable patients to redirect their life and give them a whole new meaning.

After the activity, snacks were served and tokens were given to the patients. We also expressed our gratitude to the doctors and staff of the Chemotherapy Unit for giving us the opportunity to spend a wonderful afternoon with the cancer patients.

“Life Repurposed” may seem like a usual hhc activity, but it made us realize that indeed, we are all created as warriors assigned on different battlefields. In each battle, we win some, we lose some, but there will always be lessons to be learned. It is up to us to take life as a win or defeat, and as we go along, we discover a new purpose to fill in the gaps and restore ourselves to continue the present and look forward to a brighter future. To be fortunate to be in a position wherein we can contribute to the lives of others, we continue to stay tough and be inspired to repurpose our lives and say that, “my story continues....”