Enhanced HOPE to HER Program

Faced with the wrath of the coronavirus pandemic and limited access to health services, cancer patients and their families struggle in making ends meet. Sustaining treatments have taken a great toll in their lives primarily due to the high cost of medications.

With HI-Eisai’s mission of human health care (hhc), the company recognizes and understands the challenges that patients endure emotionally and financially in their cancer journey. Hence, to improve access to quality medicines and reduce treatment barriers, HI-Eisai launched the Enhanced HOPE to HER – a patient access program empowering women with metastatic breast cancer and those people with advanced soft tissue sarcoma prescribed with Eribulin mesilate to beat the odds by maximizing its clinical benefits with improved quality of life.

This initiative aims to reach more cancer patients by addressing treatment compliance and adherence issues. With the 1+2 cycle scheme and free lifetime vials after the 6th cycle, the program supports patients to be treated until disease progression or unacceptable toxicity and as prescribed by their attending oncologists.

HOPE is now a DECISION. The enhanced HOPE TO HER program gives patients that fighting chance to live more than just survive.

To know more, please visit your doctor.